Feline fanatics have for a long time not been too happy with the fact that there are many subscription box options for dogs but none for cats. Just like dog-lovers, cat-lovers too wanted to be able to buy something special for their furry feline friends.

Well now, cat-lovers everywhere will be thrilled to know that there are now fantastic subscription boxes made especially for cats, very much the same as the BarkBox for dogs. With the wide variety of subscription boxes for cats available and each of them filled with goodies specially chosen for kitties and sometimes for cat mommas too, it will now be easier than ever for you to spoil your furry angel rotten!

Many feline fanatics have tried out different cat boxes and according to them, the following are absolutely superb!

KitNipBox – at around $19.99 per month, the KitNipBox, although the cheaper option, contains an array of treats and five toys to keep your kitty completely happy. If you have more than one cat, then listen up ladies – and gents, because there is the Multi-Cat KitNipBox that you can subscribe to, for just $29.99 a month. Made especially for the owners of multiple cats, the Multi-Cat KitNipBox supplies toys and treats for several cats in the home. These boxes come in a variety of different, cute themes like carnivals, movies and several others that your cat will adore!

KitNipBox is a favorite with many cat lovers because of their fantastic customer service. Email them and you’ll get a friendly reply very soon after. They’re extremely active on social media too and just love seeing cats enjoying their KitNipBoxes.

MeowBox – the MeowBox subscription box is VERY popular with cat-men and women everywhere. At just $22.95 per month, you get four to six great treats and toys. They go the extra mile though, by personalizing your subscription box with your cat’s name. MeowBox is very different to other subscription boxes, in that they provide a program known as the One Box Can where, for every MeowBox they sell, they donate a can of food for shelter cats. Apart from their cute and amazing contents, MeowBox is also charitable – cats just love the toys and treats they get in this one! Some cats are a little picky with other subscription boxes, but almost always go for everything in the MeowBox!

MeowBox is also active on social media and will “like” your kitty’s photo when they’re tagged. MeowBox has an online store too, so you can always re-stock on the toys that become an obsession with your cat.

CatLadyBox – CatLadyBox is a pretty cool cat subscription box. They have a basic CatLadyBox at $34.99 per month that includes little gifts just for you, the cat momma! These include cat-themed shirts, jewelry, home décor and shirts that are absolutely awesome! If you want toys and treats for your cat, then you can go for the CRAZY CatLadyBox for $39.99 per month, which contains their usual little cat-themed gifts for you, as well as two other items for your kitty. CatLadyBox also gives you the option to send either of these two boxes to your cat crazy friends.

Also charitable, CatLadyBox donates a portion of all their profits every month, to cat rescue organizations.

The Cat Kit – like CatLadyBox, The Cat Kit comes with items for you as well as your cat. They offer just one subscription plan for $34.95 a month. With this subscription, you get from two to four cat-themed gifts for yourself, as well as two or three toys and/or accessories for your furry feline friend. The Cat Kit also works on cute themes every month, such as “The Spring Cleaning Kit,” “The Valentine Kit,” and “The Brunch Kit.” This is a great option for you if you have a mischievous, inquisitive cat in your home.

If you don’t want to subscribe to The Cat Kit, they have an online store where you can purchase their very cut cat-themed home décor items, jewelry and very useful tote bags.

My Purrfect Gift Box – the only cat subscription box in the United Kingdom, My Purrfect Gift Box can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This subscription box will cost you $22.95 per month and you will get three to five gifts, all cat-themed, that range from jewelry, stationary, treats, beauty products and home décor. Included in the box are also two to three treats and/or toys for your kitty. The real bonus when you purchase a My Purrfect Gift Box is that a portion of every subscript sold gets donated to animal shelters, rescue centers and cat charity organizations in the UK.

My Purrfect Gift Box also gives you three-month and six-month options where you can shop from past boxes and send them as gifts. One really cool thing about My Purrfect Gift Box though, is that they make a point of stating that, even though their products are geared mainly toward women, they invite “cat-crazy gentlemen” to contact them too, and ask that male-specific items be included in the My Purrfect Gift Box subscription they purchase! The fact that they aren’t gender-specific scores major points for My Purrfect Gift Box with many of their clients!

Paw Print Club – The Paw Print Club is an all-new subscription box for cats that sells for $25.00 per month for the Paw Print Club Basic Box, and contains toys and treats for your cat. They also have the Paw Print Club Premium Box, going for $40.00 per month that has all sorts of goodies inside for you and your kitty. For your cat, there is a variety of treats and toys, and for cat momma, there are one or two cat-themed items like apparel, mugs, home décor, jewelry, and so forth.

Most of the items that come in this subscription box can’t be found in other stores, because they are exclusive to the Paw Print Club, but the good news is that they have an online shop where all you can buy any of the items. You can also purchase either of their two subscription options and give them as gifts to your friends. Click here for pet subscription box.

The Paw Print Club also has a pretty cool policy when it comes to returns. Should you or your cat not like some or all of the items you’ve received in your box, then just send them back and they’ll replace them with different ones!

With fantastic subscription boxes like KitNipBox, MeowBox, Cat Lady Box, The Cat Kit, My Purrfect Box and the Paw Print Club to choose from, spoiling your kitties is now easier and more exciting than ever!