Subscription boxes are a surprisingly popular service, combining the surprise of a gift with the security of knowing the sort of items you will get. Boxes for many interests have appeared since the first subscription box and one of the more interesting niches is pet boxes. As any pet owner knows there are many items you need on a regular basis to keep your pet/s healthy and happy, and remembering everything can sometimes be a chore and that is just for everyday care, if something unusual happens it can become that much harder. For the busy pet owner a subscription box or boxes might be the best choice to make sure they have all they need for their pet.

From the first subscription box, the Sampler box, in 2004 to the first pet themed subscription box, BarkBox, in 2012 the pet box industry has continued to increase, making it easier for pet owners to get a range of items. The convenience of these pet boxes is one of their great draws, allowing pet-owners and their pets to enjoy many different products without having to spend time purchasing them individually. With pet boxes focusing on flea/worming treatments, food, treats and toys, or items for more unusual pets, there is something for every pet owner. Typically these services will also donate to local pet shelters and charities.

Pet boxes are a revolutionary change for many pet owners, allowing them to purchase a range of items, with the knowledge they are carefully tested and selected products that will be great for their pets. There are boxes that will cater to almost any pet owners needs in regards to the types of products they want for their pet/s. If you want all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, grain free treats, locally produced and/or handmade items, there will nearly always be a range of pet boxes, from the budget to the premium, and in a range of locations, for every pet owner. Click here for pet subscription box.

Not only are these boxes carefully selected, many include a range of products that the average consumer would have trouble finding. From products sourced from small local businesses to specialized items from local or international suppliers, subscription boxes are a great choice for people who like giving their pets some variety or to take the hassle out of picking food, toys, grooming tools or flea/worming treatments. Your basic type pet box will include some toys, treats and pet accessories and from there, there is almost no limit to the variations available for the interested pet owner. So here is some of the more unique and interesting pet boxes around.

1. BarkBox. The first pet box, BarkBox has been around since 2012. Offering a range of dog products in monthly themed boxes, this box is great for dog owners who want a variety of toys, treats and grooming products for their pet. With boxes tailored to three dog size ranges, you can even add an extra toy to each monthly offering. Each box will include at least two toys, two bags of treats and one chew, specially picked to fit each month’s theme. All treats are all natural and can be grain free on request. They also offer a free upgrade to the Heavy Chewer Box if your dog takes out regular toys easily. There is also the Super Chewer box, if your dog gets through one of these toys it will be replaced for free. Also offering the Destroyer Club, if you send in pictures of your dog destroyed toys you can get rewards and points to buy a range of products from the BarkBox store.

2. My Horse Box. One of the few horse-focused pet boxes, My Horse Box, a monthly pet box, includes four full sized equestrian items, a high quality print and Q&A with an equestrian personality, and discount coupons for carefully selected equestrian companies (typically ones featured in the previous month’s box). Items you can receive include horse tack, cleaning/grooming products, supplements, clothing, sportswear, safety gear and accessories. Usually My Horse Box will include items from less known equestrian companies, but ensures each items is of high quality, a guarantee of at least 50₤ worth of value in each box. This box also has free UK shipping.

3. Protect My Pet. Remembering to get all the necessary flea and worming treatments for your pet each month can be difficult. Protect My Pet removes this hassle, as even its veterinary trained owners also had trouble with remembering their pet’s flea and worming treatments. These boxes remove that hassle and are tailored to your pet cat or dog so you know exactly when and what to give your pet to stop fleas, tick and worms. The only information you need to sign up is your pets weight. Boxes are available in Essential and Premium versions, the Premium version also including treats, Eco-friendly poop bags for the dog box and a pouch of wet food for the cat boxes, in addition to your monthly flea treatments and quarterly worming treatments. A soon as the box arrives you know it’s time to treat your pet. You can even pick from two leading flea treatment brands. There are also options for pet owners with multiple animals.

4. Butternut Box. Focusing on providing dog food, Butternut Box is a great choice for dogs with special dietary needs or if their owner just likes to give them the best food around. With a detailed questionnaire their specialized algorithms, designed by pet nutritionists, will let them work out exactly how much your dog needs and will deliver portioned servings to your door. Supplying all the nutrition your dog would need using human grade meat products and completely grain free, Butternut Box is a great choice for any UK based dog owner.

This is only a small selection of the interesting and varied pet boxes available around the world, but it is certain that you will be able to find something suitable for you and your pets whether you own cats, dogs, horse or any other type of pet. This is only what is currently available, as more pet owners turn to the revolutionary convenience of pet boxes there will undoubtedly be even more excellent options in the future.