Dog-lovers understand too well that the furry creatures are more than man’s best friend. They are part of the owners’ lives, and most consider them as an essential member of the family.

Rewarding your furry little friend often for the loyalty and love it gives is ideal. However, with the busy lives that people have, a person may forget to get his or pet the treats they deserve. It is a problem of the past thanks to dog box subscriptions.

The subscriptions present an ideal solution for individuals who want to keep a stash of goodies in constant supply. They come with enough delicious and healthy treats, toys and health items that your pup will love.

These are delivered to your doorstep every month saving you a lot of time and ensuring that your best furry friend always has the things they need. The best thing about them is that you can customize monthly subscriptions based on the canine’s weight, size, breed, age, and a lot more.

The market presents different options that your dog will love every month with some of the top ones being:


Barkbox for dogs is an industry leader that is well known for delivering affordable, reliable and high-quality products for your four-legged friend. Your pet will be jumping up and down with joy when the box comes in every month because they know it is full of nothing but goodies they value.

Healthy treats and a themed collection of around four to six innovative toys are some of the things you will get with the box. It will set you back $29 monthly and $21 per month with their 12-month subscription plan. Read more about BarkBox Subscription Boxes on our Full Review Page.

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Surprise My Pet

With a unique paw for paw guarantee, Surprise My Pet replaces any item that does not entirely impress your pooch at no cost. It includes very many goodies and top-notch products that will excite your pet without any filler items.

The company also has an option for extra small dogs. For month to month subscriptions, you will pay $30 and $24 for clients for pre-paying for an annual subscription.

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It is one of the dog subscriptions that primarily focuses on eco-friendly and natural products setting them apart from the competition. Furthermore, they also present 100% allergy guarantee. It means that if your mutt is allergic to any of the items that come in the monthly box, you will get another one at no extra cost.

Every month, your pet will receive four or more full-sized items alongside discounts and samples for the companies that provide PawPack. The firm has straightforward 24-hour cancellation process, and customer service is exceptional.

In addition to giving out hypoallergenic products, they always include durable toys that your dog can use for a long time. Subscriptions cost $35 for a single month and $25 every month for yearly subscriptions.

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Pet Treater

The firm presents three boxes allowing clients to pick the one that is most suitable for the weight of their pet. The box comes with a wide variety of goodies that include toys, treats, grooming supplies, poop bags, outfits, and other accessories.

Worth noting is that the company will send items even if you have not paid the full retail price. All the treats that they send out are made either in Canada or the United States.

Customers also get the golden opportunity to make special requests and specify diet restrictions. Monthly costs are $34.99, and a 12-month subscription will cost you $239.88.

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It is a subscription box that only works for individuals who have puppies. Each of the box that your pup will be getting monthly features five to seven products. Training treats are part of what comes with the bad. Click here for pet subscription box.

The company sends specific life products depending on the stage of life the young dog. For instance, teething puppies usually get extra chew toys. Dogs that are potty training can also receive pee spray.

Subscriptions from the company automatically renew which comes in handy for the forgetful individuals. One month subscription costs $39 while the 12-month subscription plan costs $348.

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It allows dog-owners to take advantage of excellent quality products at cost-effective rates. Ordering for the dog box subscriptions is a very straightforward process. Just enter information about your dogs’ type, its sex, and size.

From here, they will request you to select the subscription plan that interests you. Complete the process by filling in credit card details, and you will get the box within no time. Boxes feature themes that are relevant to particular holidays and the package arrives as an attractive gift with a bow as well as a tag on design.

They make excellent options for people who want to gift dog owners’ valuable items. The box usually features toys, treats and scented candles that you can use to mask pet smells. Available options include small breed, medium, and large.

The company also treats all the toys and treats before sending them to the clients to ensure they enjoy 100% satisfaction. All the gifts are US/American made. Clients always receive tracking information on all their orders.

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It is one of the options that allows shoppers to customize their subscriptions. Dog lovers can either going for the Grande or Uno (large or small box). You also pick the items that you want to give your beloved pet. Deliveries usually feature accessories, toys, and treats.

If you have a furry friend who is prone to injuries, you can specify that the company delivers organic and natural products. You also have the opportunity to pick more durable toys if you have a pet whose hobby is to destroy them.

All the products your pet gets from the company come from small businesses in the US. The prices typically vary depending on the size of your furry pal, dietary restrictions and the delivery frequency that you opt to pick for your pet.

With the above options, you can quickly pick the dog box subscription that best suits the needs of your furry friend. It is also advisable to be on the lookout for discounts and promotions that will allow you to get items that your dog will treasure at a fairer price.

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