Bark Box Super Chewer

Keeping a dog happy and healthy is what every dog owner is striving for. Dogs need a lot of attention and care, good quality dog food and robust toys that will not cause any damage to the dog’s health. With those myriads of products on the market, it is really difficult to find the one product or brand, that your dog not only likes, but that is actually beneficial for him. Dogs need to be active, discover their surroundings and play in order to be happy and healthy. Dont worry if you have one of those dogs that is able to destroy every toy you give them within the space of minutes! All you have to do is try them with the Barkbox Super chewer and see if they are up for the challenge of destroying this!

The most natural way for a dog to play is using his teeth and chewing on whatever he gets between them. That’s why there is an overwhelming amount of chewing toys to buy for your best friend in any decent pet shop. The problem is, dog toys usually don’t live very long and need to be replaced regularly. High-quality toys that really last can be hard or almost impossible to find! A very practical solution for dog owners can be a dog box subscription, these are the new best thing to have and you will be the best pet treater out there. In each box you will receive a fresh delivery of eco friendly toys and treats every month. Having your dog’s toys and tasty healthy treats delivered directly to your doorstep is not only very practical, but also exciting and more affordable than regular trips to the pet shop. Click here for pet box subscription.

BarkBox offers unique dog boxes, that come with a monthly theme, which means that you will get something entirely different every month. The subscriber never knows what exactly will be put into their next pet subscription box, but with each box purchased BarkBox guarantees a nice surprise with a clever combination of 4-5 toys, natural treats, and the occasional hygiene product. Since the boxes’ content always follows a specific theme that varies every month, the dog will never be bored and will be given the opportunity to constantly explore new toys, which fits his curious nature and keeps him happy. But the most important thing is that all the products are of really high quality, tested thoroughly to ensure that your dog will really benefit from them. So if you are thinking i would love to surprise my pet then get yourself a Barkbox subscription! The price for a BarkBox subscription depends on the length of your subscription and the box type chosen. The standard BarkBox will cost you for 1 month $29/month, for 6 months $25/month and for 12 months $21/month. Shipping will be either through DHL or USPS Ground and will take between 2 to 8 business days within the US. For the subscriber, the shipping will be completely free!

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With so many different breeds of dogs, and with every dog having their own preferences, their own strengths and their own individual chewing habits you might wonder if the BarkBox will make a difference in your dog’s life. A little Chihuahua won’t need his toys to be replaced quite as often as an Irish Wolfhound. So, if you have a dog like the latter, you might know that they will destroy their toys faster than you can think of the nearest pet shop. And if you have a dog like that you might indeed profit from a Barkbox, especially when you choose the Barkbox Super Chewer option. A Super Chewer Box is an extra option on top of an already existing standard BarkBox subscription. You can add this free upgrade and the toys you receive monthly will be more durable than other standard toys. This is achieved through a careful choice of materials that are guaranteed safe for the dog to chew on.

The materials the Heavy Chewer toys are made off are stronger and can resist your dog’s pointy sharp teeth better than regular toys. For these extra strong toys, materials like rubber and ballistic-grade nylon are used. This extra option seems to be very promising, especially considering it is a free upgrade! Regular chewing is important to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and if a chewing toy breaks down too quickly your dog may miss out on beneficial chewing activities. Long-term dog owners are always on the look-out for toys and dog treats that actually last. Some dogs, however, defeat even the extra strong toys. This is why BarkBox offers an even more robust option, which is called Super Chewer. BarkBox claims that these boxes include toys that are indestructible even for the most heavily chewing dogs. And in case your dog is able to prove them wrong, you will get an immediate replacement. The monthly cost is slightly higher, with $39/month for 1 month, $34/month for 6 months and $29/month for 12 months.

Online customer reviews are very good. Many 5 star reviews have been given to the company, with people describing their personal experiences with their dogs in a very positive way. People mostly praise the promised high quality of the toys, which in the end is what counts for most subscribers and which is what the company is also praising themselves with. Some customers complained about not getting out of contracts, in which case they tried to end their subscription period prior to the agreed-upon time period. With a subscription of any kind being a formally set commitment, it is, of course, advisable to chose carefully before subscribing. In order to avoid such scenarios, BarkBox does offer different subscription options, so if a potential subscriber isn’t sure about it, it is always possible to go for the 1-month-only option in the beginning.

Subscription options can always be changed flexibly according to your current personal needs and wishes. 

There are quite a few companies out there nowadays who offer monthly boxes for not just your dogs but you cats and dogs. As with every product or service in life, it is always worth comparing the market to make sure that you get the very best for your personal requirements. The costs and potential benefits , are of course, a very important aspect to keep in mind when making any kind of purchase or subscription. In this regard, the BarkBox super chewer seems to make the top of the list. Dog owners who are used to buying new toys on a regular basis know that a single toy will cost quite a few dollars, which, especially when the dog is a heavy chewer, will quickly add up to a sum they didn’t intend to spend on their dog’s toys. And if those regularly purchased toys don’t even last a single playing or chewing session the disappointment and frustration will be huge. Investing in a regular supply of robust dog toys may be a very reasonable decision indeed. Out of the growing number of dog toy suppliers, BarkBox offer indeed a very affordable deal.

It may really be worth a try to subscribe to the BarkBox Super Chewer dog box, especially if your dog is a heavy chewer and you are familiar with the continuous struggle to find robust, lasting toys. A dog’s health and happiness is so important and seeing your dog thrive and enjoy life is a satisfaction every dog owner should have.

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