Dog Box Subscription

Dog pets are becoming common to many households due to their friendliness, loyalty and companionship. Due to the busy schedules that one has, keeping the dog pet has proved to be a challenging commitment. This however has been simplified the innovation of dog subscription services and coupons that allow your dog to be catered for in terms of toys, meals among others instead of you running around looking for such services and stuff.

There are many subscription dog services but the original one is the Barkbox. Barkbox is a box containing dog healthy treats and toys that are usually monthly given and delivered. These treats and toys are given according to dog size. Barkbox also offers barkbox coupons with barkbox coupon codes that one uses to get discounted subscription dog services as well as discounted barkbox box.

The following are some of the barkbox coupons:

· For the new subscribers, one gets 5% off with a 6-12 month subscription when purchasing the barkbox.

· Free toy coupon- This one enables you to get a free toy upon subscribing to 6-12 month. One is required to key in the promo code.

Barkbox coupons have enabled dog lovers to cater to their dogs in special ways and a cheaper rate. Barkbox has a monthly theme that gives the dog a new adventure rather than the normal.

Barkbox pride themselves as the best dog subscription box because of the high quality healthy treats and toys. And they are also sensitive to dogs especially those will allergies as they ensure the boxes lack wheat, soy and corn. They have been able to retain this status quo due to the following reasons:

Barkbox package

Their package includes treats, toys and chews. They deliver 4-5 toys and healthy treats and chews that are canine friendly. Their creativity in getting the boxes themed and with new products is also a plus for them.

Size of dog

Barkbox caters toys and treats according to the size of your dog. This flexibility has allowed them to get variety of dog pets subscribing to their monthly service.


It is always beneficial to the dog to create a dog subscription box that tailors to its needs. This customization includes the dogs features such as the size, gender, environment in and even allergies. Barkbox ensures to feature in toys and treats in reference to the features of the dog. For instance, rough or soft toys.


Barkbox offers barkbox coupons that offer attractive discounts and longer subscriptions. Barkbox mostly encourages longer subscriptions as with this you pay cheaper in the long-run. Click here for pet box subscription.


Delivery is reliable and tracked with receipts for reference needed.

Barkbox ensures that your canine get the healthiest treats and catering to all life stages of the dog. Barrkbox also takes into consideration the dog allergies modes of eating of the dog e.g binge eating. The following are some of the best dog treats recommended.

Freeze dried treats

They are raw freeze dried with low ingredients. Many dog owners are sceptical on using dog treats that have preservatives and chemicals that may react with the dog. This types of treats therefore are recommended.


These type of treats contain nourishing ingredients, sourced from USA, like sunflower oil, pumpkin, beef among others. The treats are in both soft and crunchy state. They are favourable treats to any dog size.


The ingredients are human-grade and are made from scratch. They include: organic peanut butter, buckwheat flour, house made organic applesauce, carob powder, and flax seed meal.

The aroma is as scrumptious as the meal.


They have natural ingredients sourced from the USA with no preservatives, hormones, colour added to it.

iHeartDogs Dental chews

This triple enzyme dental stick is free from gluten and grain and they are delightful as well. They function to protect plaques, fresh breath, and maintain healthy teach and gum.

The honest kitchen

Sourced from USA, they are mostly training treats. They are one of the best dog cookies. The main ingredient is dehydrated haddock.

While the Dog Box subscription has made it easier for the pet owners to enjoy the companies of their pets without issues, there are some key factors to consider when one wants to own a dog. Even with the barkbox coupon, a disorganized pet owner won’t find it beneficial. Here some of the points to consider.

Dog time

Just like a baby, the dog requires time with its owner. A dog needs potty-training, to be walked in the park to be fed and cleaned. A dog that is neglected will retaliate and won’t be as functional and beneficial to the owner. The dog needs time with the owner to feel loved, rejuvenated and appreciated.

Dog dwelling

A dog requires a suitable dwelling whether in-house or outside. With extreme conditions such as snow, rain and scorching sun the dog may need litter boxes in the situation of outside dwelling of the dog. It is important to put up a structure if need be and in a suitable area especially if it’s a barking dog to avoid chaos with the neighbour.


It is important to note that as a dog owner one will incur health costs. The dog needs vaccines, medical attention in the case where it falls ill. It is therefore key to include that in your monthly budget.

Dog training

These training can be either professional or in-house training. Some dogs may take a lot of time while training while others don’t. Most of the time, the dog owners do in-house training through skills obtained from the internet and books. This is cost-saving.

Allergic children

For a potential dog-owner with children or a child, it is appropriate to find out if the children have allergies with a dog. In some cases, some breeds of dogs may not be safe if one has infants in the house.


As potential dog-owner who is living by themselves and moved from town to town or travelling it is good to establish ways in which the dog will find a settled home. Travelling or instability hinders the bond and connection that would otherwise be created by the dog-owner.


It is good to do an extensive research whether through the internet, books or people who already have dogs before owning one. This saves you a lot of unexpected situations such as fines due to neglect or abuse of dog. It also gives you a list to explore on the kind of a dog you want that will be purposeful to what you want.

Barkbox also offer advice to their clients as after sales service and even upon enquiry. So get your dog, your barkbox coupon and get started!