Since they came online six years ago, BarkBox’s growth in the dog-care product industry has been tremendous. They have become arguably one of the most popular stores among dog owners countrywide. The company has revolutionized the industry with new and innovative pup toys and an above-par interaction with their customers, both human and animals.
The monthly BarkBox toys’ delivery has seen popularity grow in leaps and bounds since 2011. Every arrival brings with it pleasant surprises for both owner and pet while at the same time maintaining the favorites that keep your dog happy. Each delivery package contains a selection of toys, grooming products, treats and dental care materials.
There is not much change in what you get every month in terms of the last three products. Of course, you don’t want a new dog shampoo every other month! As such, it must be the collection of toys that have had this dog product outlet shatter the ceiling with millions of revenue each year.

Just what is so special about BarkBox toys then?

The company does not just idealize and manufacture toys. Rather, they make their toys through a complete process that involves research, testing, and re-modeling before every single toy is dropped into the box that is delivered to you. They have a team dealing with the line of toy production. This team is headed by Melissa (human) and Gus (dog). Gus’ presence in the team makes a lot of sense given that dogs are the end consumers of BarkBox toys.
The toy creation process takes into consideration both you the owner and your dog, understandably with more focus on the pet. They put under the microscope how natural the toy looks, i.e does it resemble what the dog would go after in a natural environment, the type and durability of the material used, how many playing styles the toy can be used in, and what kind of sounds it produces (are they what the dog would expect?)
For you the owner, they look to make the toys safe for you and anyone else on your premises. They are keen to avoid materials that would quickly litter your environment. BarkBox also considers how appealing and surprising the toy will be to you the dog owner.
Oh, and the entire package of treats comes from products made in the United States and Canada.

What are some of the toys that have been major hits in the BarkBox delivery?

A number of toys have exceeded buyers’ expectations upon delivery, holding both man and dog in awe. Some reviewers claim their pets already know what the BarkBox looks like and always get overly excited whenever it comes through their door. Here are few picks that have proved universally popular:
  • Chuck it! Ultra tug 
  • Wigzi Pocket Bone
  • Simply Fido Blue Owl Organic Toy
  • Harry Barker tug and Toss
  • Katie’s Bumpers Sqwuggie
  • Play Under The Sea King Crab
  • Looper’s Corduroy Whale
  • Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Raspberry with Treat Spot
  • Lolly Cadoodle Wool Ball 
  • Charming Pet Balloon Pig
  • PetRocket Doggegg
All these toys have an exciting mix of simplicity and uniqueness that gets the pets and their owners every delivery day. They have themes for each month to go with different events and times, e.g. Halloween, but they still manage to surprise dog owners every other month.

Extra treats for the customer 

Besides amazing toys, Barkbox has a lot of service extras that have gone a long way in maintaining the loyalty of their customers. As a buyer, you have a lot to gain from this continuously growing dog shop, including, but not limited to:

Competitive prices and a subscription discount

They offer package subscriptions at $29 for a month’s subscription, $25 per month for six months’ subscription and $21 per month for a year’s subscription. Some consumers keep petitioning BarkBox to lower these prices, but they still remain among the best in the market.
For a first-time subscription, there is a discount of up to 50%. There are also coupon codes and gifts to be won every month. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card payments. Payment through PayPal is also accepted. You are billed on the 3rd of every month and the subscription renews automatically at this time.

Donations to charity for every purchase

10% of every purchase goes to more than 3,000 charities that rescue pets. When you redeem a coupon code, $10 goes to Stray Hearts Foundation. You can advise a rescue of your choice to get in touch with BarkBox to get registered for these benefits.

A personalized service- chat, blog, apps 

BarkBox customer care deals with clients in a very impressive way. They have a very responsive and easy to navigate website that has most answers to questions that may be bugging you. They also have customer support available on phone, text or online chat.
Further, they have a blog from which you can learn a lot about dogs in a few short reads. The blog is written in a language as exciting as the BarkBox toys themselves, with terms like subscribers (subscribers) and furiend (friend). It talks a lot about their creativity. 

Timely delivery

Once you place your order, there really aren’t any delays with monthly deliveries. You will not have to worry about running out of stock before the next delivery barks at your door. What’s better, orders have a tracking code and free shipping for up to six full package bark boxes.

A package larger than your dog can finish in a month

A month’s supply delivers well on the value for money. You are likely to have treats and other products spilling over to the next month. Not many products afford you that luxury, really.


BarkBox has been doing this toy business for six years and counting. Obviously, they are better today than they were when they set out, if not from anything else, from the huge amount of feedback they are always getting. A novice company is not really what you want to supply your beloved dog’s toys!
Barkbox toys are a great way to keep your pet entertained, and the company’s customer handling is just amazing. The company could improve on a few areas though. The automatic subscription renewal is something many people could do without. Waking up to find that a forgotten subscription has renewed itself is not the most exciting thing especially if your intention was a short-term engagement. Also, if they could accept checks or money orders, that would be great. Cat lovers would love an inclusion too!
These little blots do not, however, take the shine off a great company; it’s a paws-up for BarkBox toys!