How did the idea of pet boxes come about?

Animal gift boxes have quickly gained popularity as pet owners increasingly want to treat their precious pets. Basically, animal gift boxes are boxes filled with goodies that your pet will love and ones that get delivered to your door each month. These goodies can be anything from treats to toys, accessories and other unique and fun products that are included at the discretion of the manufacturer or organization.

These monthly subscription boxes will often have a fun theme each month, for example the “July 4th Party,” or “Cat Gone Fishing,” themed boxes which are available on Pet GiftBox. Some places even offer subscription boxes that contain some goodies for the pet-owners as well as the pets, or shareable edible treats for you and your pet. Typically, the contents of the boxes are a surprise and are changed up each month to keep your pet happy and entertained with brand new toys and treats. However, some of the websites will allow you to choose the contents, though this is quite rare. Click here for pet subscription box.

More often than not, the organizations that create these boxes and offer subscriptions are affiliated with animal rescue shelters and animal welfare organizations. They are so passionate about the health and happiness of animals and our pets that they donate a portion of their proceeds to such organizations and offer them support. This is a great cause to support while also spoiling your pets and showering them with gifts to show how much you love them.

Cat Box Subscriptions

Cat box subscriptions are the perfect gift for your cat. Animals are clever, especially cats and they catch on to things more than we’d like to admit. Your cat will likely know when their subscription box is coming in the mail and become excited. Spoil your furry pet today and make them feel like a member of the family with a cat box subscription.

A simple Google search for “cat box subscriptions” will likely turn up a wealth of happy kitty photographs, basking in their gift box goodies. There’s now a huge variety of cat box subscription companies out there on the web. For this reason, it is easy to become overwhelmed with choice.

Luckily, if you’re looking for a great cat box subscription to spoil your furry loved-one, we’ve done some research for you. Here is a list of the Top 5 cat box subscription websites to choose from:

1.  KitNipBox

Available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia and offering their email address to try and serve their best to people outside of these areas, KitNipBox provides cat subscription boxes with high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats and other fun, healthy cat products. A subscription will cost $19.99 USD per month for a Happy Cat KitNipBox which comes with five goodies each month, or $29.99 per month for a Multi-Cat KitNipBox which comes with seven goodies each month.

2.  MeowBox

Shipping only to the US and Canada, this cat box subscription is full of surprises each month, delivering a box to your door that is filled with fun cat toys and accessories that will stimulate your kitty. It also includes tasty treats that are natural, handmade, or contain only one ingredient. These treats are certified as healthy, grain-free and locally made or sourced. A monthly subscription with MeowBox will cost $22.95 USD per month which includes four to six items. They also have an option to get a box  every other month, which costs $22.95 every two months and contains the same amount of items as the monthly ones.

3. WhiskerBox

This cat box subscription service ships Worldwide, with two cat box subscription options. The first is a WhiskerBox Mew Subscription which includes four to five premium toys/treats and costs $29.95 USD per month. The second is a WhiskerBox Meow Subscription, also with four to six premium items but featuring apparel, toys and treats. It costs $44.95 per month. International shipping costs an extra $15, while the US and Canada enjoy it free.

4.  CatLadyBox

Currently shipping to the US, Canada and UK but looking to expand to New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil and more, CatLadyBox is a cat lady’s dream come true. It’s also the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t actually own a cat. They are a unique provider, as they send cat boxes with high-quality products that are exclusive to CatLadyBox and which focus on items for humans. These include items such as incredibly soft shirts, deluxe, beautifully designed jewelry and home décor. However, they do have some quirky cat toys for the kitty’s aswell. The subscription options are a Crazy CatLadyBox which includes two to three items for cat ladies and 2 goodies for your cat starting at $39.99 USD per month. Alternatively, there is a CatLadyBox subscription for $34.99 per month which doesn’t include items for your cat.

5.  Pet GiftBox

Pet GiftBox offers subscriptions for dogs and cats. The cat box subscriptions are themed each month, and are available in three forms. A 12-month plan will cost $20 USD per box, a month-to-month plan will cost $25 per box and if you wish to make a once-off purchase, it will cost $30 for the box. Even better, shipping is free Worldwide. The boxes contain fun toys, treats and goodies for your furry friend.

Most of these cat box subscription websites will over reward programs too, so be sure to keep an eye out for those types of deals. Some also offer referral bonuses, which means if you manage to get a friend on board, then you’ll get something in return (usually a voucher, or some extra reward points if that’s the system they go by). Additionally, the subscription services are often not locked in with a contract, allowing you to opt out at any time without having to pay a fee. However, make sure you check this with your chosen provider to be sure.

Animal gift boxes, in this case cat gift boxes, are the perfect way to show your cat just how much you love them. Alternatively, they can be bought as a gift for yourself, or someone you know. Such a versatile and loving gift idea is certainly a great way to become the ultimate pet owner.