Woof Box is a subscription service that is suitable for all dogs. This monthly box is filled with high-quality goods that include treats, biscuits, quality toys, hygiene and grooming products and health supplements.

Every dog is different and so are their preferences. The Woof Box can be customized to better suit your dog’s needs by using a very simple rating system. If for example, your dog likes the snacks more than anything else, you can choose to receive more snacks in your monthly box and opt out for any other type of item. The box you will receive will reflect your wishes.

The rating system makes sure that every single Woof box contains the items your dog will love the most. It is a cost-effective and interesting way to keep your dog engaged. You will also be able to try a large variety of products.

You can be sure that all the products are high-quality, hand selected natural products. Woof-Box delivers only the healthiest snacks and other dog products to your doorstep.

How it works

The Woof-Box can be ordered online in just four simple steps.

  1. Choose the size of your dog. Size is very important when it comes to the most suitable goodies for your dog. The three size options are: small and scrumptious (0-10kg), medium and mischievous (10-22kg), and large and loveable (over 22kg).
  2. Choose a plan. You can choose a monthly plan or you can save money by choosing the 3 or 6 months plans. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will receive the box monthly.
  3. Choose to be surprised or customize your box. If you don’t like surprises, you can customize the box you will receive. Otherwise, you will get an unexpected mix of high-quality treats and goodies.
  4. Pay and wait for the box. All that’s left to do after you made the payment is to wait for the surprise box to arrive at your door.


The box contains several high-quality products that can be split into eight categories.


The Woof box can contain any of the delicious treats that come in various shapes and sizes. Every treat is made from natural ingredients and provides maximal nutrition value. The treats have several benefits to your dog’s health: they help control weight, improve joint problems, they help maintain healthy skin, digestive, system, and teeth.


Like the treats, all the chews are made entirely from natural ingredients. Chews are known to provide benefits for the dogs that include dental benefits and boredom relief.Chews also satisfy the dog’s need to chew and this is an urge all dogs have. Unless you give your dog such chews, he will be compelled to chew on your favorite furniture or shoes.
Chewing is also very beneficial to puppies. Just like human babies, they use these chews to relieve the discomfort caused by the new teeth pushing through the gums.


All biscuits that are included in the Woof box are made entirely from natural ingredients. A biscuit is a form of treat. They are sometimes used as a reward and thus are an excellent training help. The biscuits are in many ways beneficial to your dog. They will prevent your dog from gaining too much weight and will also help with its dental health.
These lower-fat biscuits will stop you from having to ration. The crunchy biscuits are great to scrape off any food from their teeth that would otherwise remain in their mouth.


Dogs adore playing and the monthly surprise woof box includes fun, durable toys. They combine fun with usefulness as they are excellent mouth exercises for any dog who loves to chew. These toys are a great way to keep the dogs occupied playing alone or for fetch games.

The soft toys are made of fleece or fabric and are also great for fetch games while some dogs like to just carry them around. The rope toys are excellent to chew, fetch and for tug games.

Health supplements and care essentials

The supplements that are included are always very tasty and natural and at the same time, they improve the dog’s health. Some of the health areas that supplements will improve are joint mobility, puppy development, concentration, fresh breath, relaxation, and digestive problems. You can also choose if you would rather receive a specific supplement.

Hygiene products

Several different hygiene products can be included in the box, from doggy breath freshening mints to dog wipes that are designed to be used around the eyes and inside the years.

Grooming products

These products range from shampoos and great fragrances and paw balms, the dog will smell excellent all the time.

Innovative products

Several new, exciting dog products are constantly added. Some examples are travel water bottles, odor neutralizing poop scoop bags, and even interactive treat toys.

All the brands used are unique and trendy and you will always be surprised by the high quality of the products.

An example of a monthly box includes:

  • Lily’s Kitchen Breakfast Crunch with Chicken and Turkey
  • Lily’s Kitchen Fish Skin dog chews
  • Barkers Brew
  • Gor Pets cuddle soft octopus
  • Farm Foods Antler
  • A unique gift

In addition to the monthly plan, a one-time only gift box can be bought and it will include the same high-quality products. You can gift this box to your any of your dog loving friend or family. You can also include any special greetings you like to make this gift even more special.

This one-time delivery will ship immediately after it is ordered, without having to wait for the subscription boxes. You can also use this box as a Woof Box review and purchase your subscription after you check the quality and contents.

How Does the Woof-Box Help You?

  • The box contains only high-quality products that will improve the health of your dog and provide a fun way to pass its time.
  • All the food products are made from natural ingredients
  • The box saves you the time you would spend searching for new toys and treats for your dog
  • The box can be customized with a simple rating system
  • The top quality toys will keep the dog busy for hours
  • You can purchase the one-time gift box that will contain the same items the monthly subscription box does.
  • The delivery is free of charge across the UK.