Subscription boxes are a popular new product and include specific boxes for a range of interest areas. With this it is not surprising that a range of services have risen up to offer pet themed subscription boxes.

With many pet owners wanting local goods, without large shipping costs, many new pet subscription box services have shown up around the world. One of these, offering boxes for both dogs and cats, is Paw Box, a Greece based service focusing on products from local and small business with an emphasis on natural, eco-friendly and handmade items. Offering new boxes bi-monthly this service also offers a store to purchase older/themed boxes and individual products. Though a relatively new service, this company has offered a large range of locally sourced products in their boxes. Here are some of the options from the subscription box provider Paw Box.

About Paw Box

Starting their subscription service in late 2016 Paw Box has been providing pet products sourced from local pet suppliers. Testing the products themselves the owners of this pet subscription box service do their best to ensure quality products for their customers and their pets. Preferring natural and hand-made products, this company saw a lack of subscription pet box services focused on local Greek products and decided to fill that niche.

Also supporting Nine Lives Greece and Dogs’ Voice Paw Box hopes to help with local pet issues, especially that of stray pets around Greece. Acknowledging the difference their own pets have made to their lives, the company’s owners are committed to creating a great subscription box service.

What sets Paw Box Above the Rest?

Even with its focus on natural, environmentally friendly pet products Paw Box still strives to use local suppliers. They also personally test all of the provided products with their own pets. Starting from the focus point of spoiling their two cats (Leo and Naya) and dog ( Persa) the company owners decided that other pet owners should also be able to enjoy the local, natural, handmade and environmentally friendly products they love for their pets. Their boxes, full of carefully selected products, are released every two months so they can ensure they have thoroughly tested all included products.

Products and Services

The subscription service is a bi-monthly subscription box for dogs or cats, focusing on natural, eco-friendly local products. Each box will include five or more items sourced primarily from local Greek businesses. There is also an online store where older boxes and separate items can be purchased.

Box Types

The boxes provided by this company split into two main areas, cats and dogs. Within each there are further specifications so we shall go through both areas. You sign up to a bi-monthly box subscription of two, four or six months (one, two or three boxes) which will automatically renew but is also easy to cancel at any time. There is also the ability to purchase older boxes and specialty boxes, such as for birthdays or special events. All boxes are paid for in Euro and tops at 40 Euros, this price is decreased if you sign up for two or more boxes, with the four month subscription being cheaper than the two month subscription. The six month subscription is cheaper again, with a 10% discount as opposed to the four month 5% discount.

Dog Boxes

Also called Woof Boxes you can get three different types depending on dog size. This mainly affects the treats and sizing of any pet clothes, but does not affect the price of the box.

  • Itsy Bitsy Tiny. This is for dogs 9kg and under.
  • Right in the Middle. Dogs between 10kg and 22kg.
  • Larger than Life. For dogs 23kg or larger.

You also give your pets name and any allergies to ensure the safety of your dog and to allow for that personal touch in your package.

Dog Box Products

Woof boxes will often include treats, toys, pet clothes and grooming products. Sharing themes with the Meow Boxes, there have been boxes including: Winter, Green and Love Date.

Previous Woof boxes have included items such as:

  • home-made treats
  • shampoo bars
  • hand-made bandanna
  • dog beer
  • dog chocolate
  • hemp rope toys
  • stuffed animals and pillows

Cat Boxes

As there is a far smaller range of sizes that cats come in there is only one type of box available for cats, but it still offers a range of products suitable for a wide spectrum of cats. Like the Woof boxes, the cat focused boxes are called Meow Boxes.

Also, like the dog boxes you also give your cats name and any allergies, for a personalized touch.

Cat Box Products

Often the Meow box will include toys, 100% meat treats, food and pet clothing. As each box is themed all products included in that box will fit that theme. Past themes have included: Winter, Summer Dreams and Bedtime Stories.

Past Meow Box products have included:

  • Organic catnip toys
  • Meat treats
  • Scratchers
  • Cat wand toys
  • Pet clothes

Online Store

Paw Box also includes an online store where you can order older boxes and individual products. Some of these items have been included in previous boxes, other items are simply from the same brands as items included in the boxes. There are also other brands that have not yet been included in one of the subscription boxes, but there is still a focus on hand-made, eco-friendly, local products ( local to Greece) though some specialty items have been imported from the USA.

Current Products include:

  • Pet themed Christmas decorations
  • Gift Cards
  • House Decorations
  • Grooming Products. There are even some products here for pet-owners as well
  • Toys

Products in the online shop are limited so product line up changes regularly. Subscribers will also get a discount on items purchased through the online store.

For Greek and European pet owners interested in a pet themed subscription box, Paw Box is an excellent choice, offering local, handmade products. With its providing of both dog and cat themed products most pet owners can find something for their pet here and the online store is helpful for those who missed desired items.