10 Alternatives to Bark Box revealed

10 Alternatives to Bark Box revealed

If you’re the proud owner of a lovable dog, you may be on the look out for a dog box subscription, which will send you a big box full of high quality toys and treats, each month. If you’ve heard of Barkbox and are keen to discover similar dog box subscriptions on the market, simply continue reading to discover a list of some of the most popular subscription boxes available.

Barkbox’s competition: 10 Companies like Barkbox

1. Paw Pack

Paw Pack is a monthly subscription service which prides itself on offering durable, all natural products. As well as offering edible treats and toys, Paw Pack also contains fun accessories. Such as fashion forward bandanas and collars. Paw Pack is also unique as it donates a portion of the profits from each box, to a carefully chosen dog focused charity. Click here for paw box providers.

2. Rescue Box

If you’d love to spoil your own pooch whilst helping dogs in need, you may be interested in Rescue Box. Which every purchase, you’ll help feed and vaccinate two lovable shelter dogs. As an added incentive, the Rescue Box which is priced at $23.45, is valued at a minimum of $40. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive box which provides value for money, you may have found your ideal dog subscription box.
Like most dog subscription boxes on the market, Rescue Box comes brimming with a wide assortment of high quality edible treats, toys and accessories.

3. Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks is unique as it lets dog owners specify whether their dog has a preference for durable toys or plush toys. Which is handy if your dog loves to destroy squeaky toys or plush toys and you’d prefer to receive more durable, sturdy toys.
Pooch Perks also allows owners to tailor their boxes to their dog’s dietary needs. As an example, if your dog is intolerant to certain foods, Pooch Perks’ staff members will ensure that you only receive snacks and treats which your dog can safely consume. After all, nothing is more important than your pet’s well being.

4. Pup Joy

Pup Joy partners will indie, organic focused brands and offers a high level of box customization. As well as being able to customize your dogs’ boxes based on their dietary needs you can also choose to receive boxes which just contain toys. If you’d rather not receive edible dog treats. Better yet, the folks at Pup Joy guarantee that you’ll never receive imported junk or expired dog food samples.

5. PupBox

PupBox is an innovative subscription service which is designed specifically for puppy owners. As your puppy grows, the items which you will receive will change to suit your puppy’s life stage. As an example, you may start out receiving treats for a teething puppy and a few months later your subscription box may contain rope toys and more durable chew toys.
Not only does the PupBox contain edible treats and toys but it also boasts accessories and training tips on how to raise a healthy happy puppy.

6. Dapper Dog Box

If you’re a self confessed fashionista or style conscious man, it’s well worth signing up to Dapper Dog Box which contains bow ties and bandanas as well as edible treats and toys. Better yet, every fashion accessory which makes it into a Dapper Dog Box is made right here in the USA. As an added bonus, Dapper Dog Box also donates a sizable portion of its profits to well deserving animal rescue shelters.


If your dog isn’t a fan of plush toys, CHOMP! may be the ideal dog subscription box for your household as it contains one super durable chew toy and a large bag of freshly baked dog treats. Better yet, subscribing to CHOMP! won’t break the bank as boxes start at just $18.88. If your dog roughly plays with his or her toys, CHOMP! is definitely the subscription box that you’ve been looking for.

8. Loot Pets

Calling all Geeks. Loot Pets is a unique pet subscription service which offers monthly geek themed boxes. Previous boxes have been themed around popular movie franchises such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Marvel. Better yet each box has a minimum value of $50, so you can rest assured that you’re only going to unbox premium, high quality treats and toys.
If you’re looking to spoil both yourself and your canine friend, it’s well worth unboxing a Loot Pets box. As you’ll provide get just as much enjoyment out of your dog’s plush Millennium Falcon as your beloved dog.

9. BullyMake

BullyMake as another company which specializes in offering treats for dogs who love to chew and destroy any toy that they can get their paws on. BullyMake is so confident that the toys which they select will stand the test of time that they offer a unique guarantee. If your dog manages to destroy and dissect a toy which you receive in your BullyMake box within 14 days, the BullyMake team will send you a more durable replacement toy, free of charge.
As an added bonus BullyMake’s boxes also boast edible treats such as jerky, which your dog will love sinking their teeth into.

10. Surprise My Pet

Suprise My Pet offers dog subscription boxes as well as boxes aimed at cat owners. What makes Surprise My Pet unique? Surprise My Pet boasts huge boxes which are filled to the brim with carefully chosen treats and toys. So if you’re looking for a dog subscription box which boasts more than half a dozen products, you may have found the right subscription box for your household.
As a bonus, Surprise My Pet also supports a wide variety of charities such as the New Beginnings Animal Shelter, Friends of Animals and the Bow Wow Film Festival.
So if you love receiving surprises in the mail and are keen to treat your dog to new snacks and toys, it’s well worth trying any one of the dog subscription boxes listed above out. Just pick the box which best suits your dogs temperament and size and you’re good to go.