Though the idea of pet subscription boxes only came into being about a decade ago, there are currently plenty of box providers in the market. You can literally find a pet subscription box for your dog, cat, horse and even parrot. But so far, most of the companies mainly specialize in dog and cat boxes. A typical pet subscription box includes pet treats, toys, fashion items and other pet-themed goodies.

Here are some of the best pet box subscriptions available in the market today:


Launched in January 2012, BarkBox is a monthly themed subscription that sends its customers dog toys, all-natural treats and grooming products. It is by far the most popular pet subscription box available in the market today. With BarkBox, customers are sent a collection of 4 to 6 innovative toys and treats, which are uniquely themed for each month.  Getting started with BarkBox is simple. All you need to do is choose your dog size, select a monthly plan and you’ll have amazing dog items sent to you every month.

Subscription Cost: $20-$29 per month, inclusive of shipping

Cat Lady Box

Cat Lady Box is a monthly subscription box that supplies customers with different unique cat items. The box sent each month is curated with 2-3 cat-themed items like jewellery, shirts, decor, accessories and more. Click here for Cat box reviews.

Subscription Cost: Regular Cat Lady Box subscription costs $34.99 per month. Cat Lady Box premium subscription costs $39.99 per month and includes what’s in the basic package plus a few other cat items.

Note: Cat Lady Box only ships items to a few select countries from USA


PupJoy subscription box usually includes natural, organic treats, well-crafted pup toys, pup accessories and more. Most of the items sent are usually from top artisan brands in the market. To get started, you need to first complete your pet profile, highlighting its size and preferences. The company providing this subscription service usually donates a portion of its proceeds to support animal rescue missions.

Subscription Cost: $29 per month

Loot Pets

Loot Pets, from Loot Crate Company is a subscription that supplies its customers with fun dog toys, delicious treats and geeky dog gear. Each of the items in the box is usually themed based on a fandom or movie like DC Comics, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and more. Loot Pets only includes dog treats in items sent to customers in USA. However, for international orders an item equal to the treat is usually substituted before shipping.

Note: Loot Pets donates a dollar to local and national charities from the proceeds it collects from every subscription.

Subscription Cost: $19.99 per month, inclusive of shipping


Rescue Box subscription targets both cats and dogs. It includes hand-selected toys, treats and accessories that will excite your pet. Rescue Box allows you to choose a package for any dog size including small (0-20 pounds), medium (20-50 pounds) and large (50 pounds and more). Rescue Box company partners with Greater Good, an organization that provides food and vaccination to shelter dogs.

Subscription Cost:  $29.95 per month

Bullymake Box

Bully Make Box is a monthly subscription that supplies dog toys and treats, tailored to dogs that are power chewers. To get started, you need to choose your dog’s weight so as to receive toys and treats that are in line with its chewing ability. If you don’t want dog treats to be included in your package, then you can gladly choose the �toys only’ box.

Subscription Cost: $39 per month


PupBox is perhaps the best monthly box subscription for puppies. The company usually delivers to its customers amazing puppy items like treats, teething toys, chew toys and grooming accessories. The subscription also includes a pup training program from a reputable dog trainer. It can be a great package for a small puppy that’s fast growing.

Cost of Subscription: $39 per month

Surprise Pawty

If you would love to receive surprise items every month for your dog, then Surprise Pawty can be the best package to subscribe to. A typical Surprise Pawty plan includes a set of 5 to 6 items including all-natural treats, high-quality toys and other fun dog accessories. The boxes can be customized based on the dog’s size and preferences. Each month, customers are sent a hand-decorated box complete with special surprise items for their dogs. Surprise Pawty usually donates a portion of its proceeds that go into developing dog shelters and helping in dog rescue missions.

Subscription Cost: $39.99 per month, with free shipping offered to customers based in the United States

Happy Bunny Club

If you’re crazy about bunnies, then this can be perfect monthly pet subscription for you. Happy Bunny Club box comes with 6 to 8 carefully selected toys and treats for all bunny sizes. All its treats are free of corn, eggs, dairy and seed ingredients. Customers can always check on the card with info about the ingredients, which usually comes with the box every month. Happy Bunny Club usually ships boxes to customers on 21st of every month from the UK.

Subscription Cost: £22 per month

Squawk Box

Squawk Box is one of the most vibrant monthly subscriptions that target parrots, cockatiels and parakeets of all sizes. A typical Squawk Box includes about 4 to 6 toys and treats that will excite your pet. The company mainly focuses on distributing healthy, fun and sustainable bird pet treats. A portion of all the proceeds collected are usually donated to charitable organizations that deal with parrot rescues. Customers subscribed to any of the Squawk Box usually receive their boxes between 5th and 7th of every month.

Subscription Cost: Starts from as low as $16 per month


These are some of the top pet subscription providers that are dominating the market today. From the review above, you’ll realize that most of them are committed to offering domestic pets all-natural treats, fun toys and other pet accessories. A significant number of pet box subscription companies are also engaged in charitable causes that are meant to help rescue, treat and provide shelter to pets. That means, as a customer, you can get the best items for your pet while you also contribute to the well-being of orphaned or abandoned pets.