With the recent trend of subscription boxes, boxes for many interests have arisen, from anime to cooking, to sweets. It is not surprising that one of the popular categories is cat boxes. From cat treats to cat themed clothing there is a box that will cater for any cat lover (even those with other pets besides their cat). Considering the popularity of cats and how many cat owners worldwide there are many options to pick from it. As it can be hard to know what box is best for you here is the top 7 cat box reviews, so you can find out.

1. Rescue Box. A box of toys, treats and accessories for your pet cat. Rescue box will also donate 5 pounds of food and two vaccinations to shelter pets for each month you subscribe; this is cumulative so if you sign up for 12 months, 60 pounds of food a month will get donated. Carefully sourced and vetted by the company’s pets, each box of treats, toys and other goodies also includes a rescue story about a pet helped by Rescue Box donations.

Edible goods are sourced from USA, Canada or South America (USDA facilities only). There is free shipping in the continental US. There are also options for dogs if you own both a cat and a dog.

2. KitNipBox. With boxes for both single and multi-cat homes, KitNipBox is a monthly service that will ship five (for the single cat box) or 7 (for the multi-cat box) treats, toys or accessories to your door. With all natural treats sourced from the USA, quality cat toys and other healthy cat products you can be sure of a high quality set of goods in each box. There is even a no treat option for pets with allergies or stomach problems.

This company also donates a portion of their profits to one of many US animal welfare groups. As this box is made in the USA international customers will have any edible treats replaced with toys or accessories. US shipping is free.

3. Whisker Box. A premium cat box, Whisker box sources only the best cat toys, treats and clothes. In their own words they supply ‘stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and specialty items ‘. Their cat treats are locally sourced, all-natural, organic and/or grain free. Their speciality goods have included premium cat nip and waterless spa products to name a few and their toys and cat clothes are handmade.

Their hand crafted goods are customized so they fit your cat, so you can enjoy every box, with a no treat option for cats with allergies. Each box also includes a detailed ‘menu’ so you know exactly what you are getting each month. With two box sizes there should be something to suit most cat owners. It includes free shipping to the USA or Canada.

4. Purr Boxes. Offering both a monthly subscription service and individual boxes, Purr Boxes include four or more cat products. Every box comes with a month’s worth of cat grass and cat nip. With products from Whiskas and Meowing Heads and many others, from the big pet brands to the small independent businesses, you can be certain of getting great products each month that your cat will love.

The first monthly cat box in the UK, Purr Boxes also releases special limited edition boxes for special events ( A Christmas box is currently available) . Also available as gifts, PurrBox is great for any cat lover. Subscription boxes are shipped for free in the UK, but single box purchases do have shipping costs.

5. Cuddle Crate. Cuddle Crate is one of the more flexible cat box subscription services around. Being able to pick from three subscription types (4-5, 6-8 or 9+ items and for 1, 2 and 3 pets) delivered monthly or bimonthly you can also ask for items for dogs and small mammals (rabbits, hamsters etc). They also have an online store if your cat found an item it loves and cannot do without.

All treats are made in the USA and are corn/soy/wheat free. There is also free shipping for the continental US. You can also add premium cat toys to your box for a small extra cost. Other options include special antler dog chews and gift box options.

6. Meow Box.

A monthly or bimonthly subscription service, Meow Box offers toys and treats that are unique and high quality. Focusing on products that are locally made, organic and in the case of treats, tasty, nutritious and grain free, this company wants to supply stuff beyond the run-of-the-mill products. There is also a no treat option for this box, if your cats have allergies. Furthermore all treats are made in Canada or the USA.

With each box purchase Meow Box donates one can of food, or the monetary equivalent, to a local pet shelter. You are even given a code so you can track which shelter that can goes to. There is also a list of shelters donated to on their website. Meow Box also offers free shipping.

7. Pet GiftBox. Part of the large subscription box provider GiftBox, Pet GiftBox is a monthly box with 4-6 items. Each item is carefully selected by the GiftBox team for each months box theme. The Pet GiftBox staff and their pets make sure each product gets a ‘Paw Print of Satisfaction’ to make sure you get the best products for your cat. Click here for pet subscription box.

With a reward point service you can also get free products from Pet GiftBox or other GiftBox areas. There is also a referral system where you can easily get discounts on your subscription by suggesting Pet GiftBox to others. There are also opportunities to purchase older boxes, but there are limited quantities. This box also comes with free shipping. Both gift cards and gift subscription options are available.

A cat box is great choice if your cat likes something new on a regular basis, and with many also donating to pet welfare groups, you might be able to make some other cat’s life better as well. This is only a selection of the great cat and pet boxes available but with these cat box reviews we hope you can find the best option for you and your pet or pets.